UMR Spill Response Plan & Resource Manual (Public Version)

August 29, 2022

The UMR Hazardous Spill Response Plan and Resource Manual is designed to coordinate state and federal agency response to spills on the interstate UMR. It establishes several UMR-specific protocols and policies, including the UMR notification protocol outlined in this guide. It also includes appendices listing response resources, sensitive human and natural resources, and potential spill sources

This is a special Public Access Version of the Upper Mississippi River Spill Response Plan and Resource Manual and is thus suitable for broad dissemination. This version of the document includes the Spill Response Plan in its entirety but omits certain portions of the Resource Manual due to security concerns. The omitted sections are listed in the Table of Contents.

Note: The FINAL DRAFT of the full plan is currently being routed for approval by member agencies.  This plan should be considered a draft only.