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The Upper Mississippi River Basin Association (UMRBA) is a regional interstate organization formed by the Governors of Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin to coordinate the states' river-related programs and policies and work with federal agencies that have river responsibilities.  UMRBA is involved with programs related to commercial navigation, ecosystem restoration, water quality, aquatic nuisance species, hazardous spills, flood risk management, water supply, and other water resource issues.


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Both the May 25 UMRBA Quarterly Meeting and the May 26 UMRR Coordinating Committee Quarterly Meeting will be held remotely instead of in-person.  Remote connections and other details will be emailed closer to the meeting dates.



February 24, 2021 UMRR Coordinating Committee Quarterly Meeting Highlights and Action Items (including presentations)


UMRS Flood, Sediment, and Drought Management and Report Development Workshop Materials

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UMRBA works to ensure adequate federal investment for operation and maintenance, rehabilitation, and recapitalization of the UMRSís navigation infrastructure, voicing its member statesí perspectives on a range of funding, policy, and programmatic issues.  In particular, UMRBA was actively engaged in the Navigation Feasibility Study and the ultimate authorization of the Navigation and Ecosystem Sustainability Program (NESP)Ö.MORE

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The UMRBA provides a forum for the basin states and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to coordinate their  implementation of the Clean Water Act on the Upper Mississippi River.  The UMRBA supports and provides staff to two workgroups, the Water Quality Task Force and the Water Quality Executive Committee, which address issues such as water quality monitoring, standards, and assessments.  The efforts of these groups have enhanced interstate cooperation in Clean Water Act implementation and resulted in a number of reports regarding Upper Mississippi River water quality issues........MORE

Ecosystem Restoration

Hazardous Spills

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UMRBA is engaged in interagency efforts to restore and protect fish and wildlife habitat on the Upper Mississippi River System (UMRS).  This includes both the Upper Mississippi River Restoration Environmental Management Program, with its well-established restoration and monitoring components, and the new Navigation and Ecosystem Sustainability Program, which will integrate a series of navigation improvements with an expanded suite of ecosystem measures on the UMRS.  UMRBA works closely with  its member states, federal agencies, and others in planning, implementing, and managing these programs.........MORE

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The UMRBA has played an active role in spill response planning, coordination, and mapping throughout the Upper Mississippi River basin.  The UMRBA provides staff support for the Upper Mississippi River Hazardous Spills Coordination Group, maintains the Upper Mississippi River Spill Response Plan and other contingency plans, and produces GIS-based mapping products to aid planners and responders........MORE


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