UMRBA 2022-2024 Floodplain Resilience Planning Objectives

November 16, 2021

In July 2021, the UMRBA Board established a set of three-year objectives for advancing its long term floodplain resilience planning goals.  Reflecting on what was learned through developing the Keys to the River Report, the UMRBA’s member states charged the Association with functioning as a central convening entity, incorporating the unique expertise of federal and state agencies, academic institutions, and nonprofit entities and other stakeholder interests. This document provides an overarching principle of strengthening cooperative action and provides actions for implementing the following five objectives:

  • Assess vulnerabilities from flood and drought events
  • Improve knowledge of resilience and assumptions of associated risk
  • Advance long term, systemic navigation channel planning
  • Facilitate greater utilization of beneficial reuse
  • Improve drought preparedness