Water Level Management Regional Coordinating Committee

UMRBA convenes a Water Level Management Regional Coordinating Committee for the purposes of fostering cooperative planning among federal and state agencies and nonprofit entities in implementing water level management.  This Committee was established in 2017, and has established the following vision and mission statements:

  • Vision:  Improve ecological health and resilience through optimal water level variation
  • Mission:  To promote systemic, routine, and coordinated water level variation, address policies and funding needs, advance interdisciplinary monitoring and research, and inform and engage the public
  • Major roles:
    • Provide a forum for implementing partners to discuss policy and technical issues related to WLM
    • Identify and communicate member agencies’ and organizations’ perspectives on WLM implementation issues to USACE and other decision makers
    • Advise relevant agency leadership and management regarding the implications of policy, programmatic, and budget decisions affecting WLM implementation
    • Identify WLM priorities (e.g., communications, economic analyses, and research) and seek resources
    • Promote shared learning of WLM implementation within a broader spatial and temporal scope