UMRBA Commercial Navigation Policy Position

June 25, 2013

UMRBA offers the following position statement:

  • Address critical O&M and major rehabilitation needs throughout the Upper Mississippi as well as small-scale measures
  • Continue planning for capital investment through NESP, specifically by completing design of a 1,200-foot lock at Lock 25
  • Elevate the Upper Mississippi’s critical capital needs on the national stage
  • Resolve Inland Waterways Trust Fund revenue shortfalls with a solution that maintains geographic equity and inland navigation’s cost-competitiveness
    • Fully evaluate modifications to the current IWTF cost share requirements as well as efficiencies to ease constraints (e.g., sound improvements to future project delivery, more reliable funding mechanism) in ways that are fair, equitable, effective, and generally enjoys consensus
  • Examine innovative approaches to financing and implementing waterways infrastructure projects
  • Continue to advance commercial navigation priorities in a multi-purpose, collaborative approach