UMRBA UMRS Flood Risk and Sediment Management Summit

July 26, 2017

UMRBA convened members of the floodplain community who recognized that solutions reside in our ability to work together and integrate science-based knowledge of watershed and floodplain dynamics.  The summit revealed that the floodplain community shares very similar experiences living and working on the river, particularly in relation to the changing flooding and sediment flow dynamics, from the Twin Cities of Minnesota to the confluence of the Ohio River in Cairo, Illinois and throughout the Illinois River.   Participants pointed to land use development in the watershed and floodplain as well as changing weather patterns as causing the watershed to behave differently. 

Participants shared many of the same perspectives for improving preparedness and reducing impacts of major flood and sediment-related events.  This includes:

  • Employing a collaborative, science-based process to develop a systemic flood risk and sediment management plan
  • Convening the river-floodplain community more frequently and formally to discuss issues and collaborate on solutions
  • Addressing specific policy impediments
  • Securing resource needs
  • Improving and better utilizing knowledge.