UMRR 2015-2025 Strategic Plan

January 27, 2015

This strategic plan articulates the UMRR partnership’s vision for the Upper Mississippi River ecosystem, setting a clear direction for the program over the next decade. This 10-year plan outlines key approaches to enhancing restoration and advancing knowledge necessary for a healthier and more resilient Upper Mississippi River ecosystem that sustains the river’s multiple uses.

This strategic plan is also intended to foster UMRR’s longstanding commitment to internal and external communication and collaboration among the many organizations and individuals that are working for a better Upper Mississippi River ecosystem.

In summer 2021, the UMRR Coordinating Committee requested an interim review of the 2015-2025 UMRR Strategic and Operational Plan by the broad program partnership. Th Review Report serves as a valuable check-in on the progress UMRR has made in achieving the goals and objectives of the Strategic and Operational Plan as well as affords the partnership an opportunity to prioritize activities through 2025